About Us

Robert Ellard is currently the Pastor of the First Baptist Church in Brighton, Illinois. He is a second generation preacher having surrendered to the ministry at the age of fifteen. He and his wife Donna, were married on August 21, 1993. They have been blessed with 6 beautiful children (AJ, Adam, Alyssa, Allison, Abigail, and Aaron).

Rob and Donna had the privilege to grow up in Christian homes that taught traditional values and sought to develop Christian character. It is being raised in a pastor’s home and being very active and involved in differing churches that Rob attributes to his becoming a student of people and relationships.

God has allowed him to find experience as a husband, father, pastor, youth pastor, Christian school administrator, camp host, and counselor, etc. The ministry has offered him and his wife an opportunity to be a help to couples and families that are facing difficulties. It was an endeavor to help the home that he authored the book “MY SON GIVE ME THINE HEART.”

As a pastor and pastor’s wife, they have seen the need for a more focused vision for the home and building strong relationships. Their desire is to see individuals develop a personal walk with God first. Then they desire to see marriages, homes, and relationships in general strengthened by using sound Biblical principles.

The unique circumstances that have surrounded this couple through the years have given them a unique perspective in the arena of relationships. It is their desire to take the lessons that they have learned and use them to build strong and lasting relationships that honor and glorify the Lord.  


We have started “Heart in the Home Ministries” to put a focus of the husband/wife, parent, and children back into the home and to encourage individuals to develop strong and lasting relationships. We trust that this site will be a blessing to you and that God will use it to strengthen your relationships.


God Bless,

Rob & Donna Ellard

Heart in the Home Ministries